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for some things, it’s not near enough..

3 December, 2017
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This morning, I was packing box #6,452 – unframed art.  Whenever we get to the point in the packing process where our walls become bare, it starts to feel real, and in certain cases (read: most cases), I may even get a little teary eyed.


That was the case this morning.. until I remembered the difficulty I had falling asleep due to a neighbor’s dog barking incessantly around midnight last night.

Sure, I’ll miss things about living here specifically, or about living in Chicago, but there’s also a whole host of other things that I’m looking forward to having out of my life.

In no particular order (and also, not exhaustive):

  1. paying $255/month for parking and coming home to find no available parking spaces
  2. sharing an elevator with inconsiderate people who either insist on engaging my sleeping children in conversation, or who are so loud that they wake the sleeping children up
  3. garbage monsters angrily and noisily consuming trash outside our bedroom window on a daily basis at 0700
  4. the burst of trash-scented and debris-carrying air that hits you in the face when you toss your trash down the garbage chute
  5. the way noise carries in our building – goodbye man talking loudly on the phone at 0600, dogs barking constantly, and our neighbor who plays video games til 0400 – I’m sure our noisy cats & children will be missed just as much as we’ll miss the others
  6. the act of unloading groceries, sleeping children, and multiple loads of laundry and ferrying them upstairs from the underground parking garage at least once a week
  7. having to transport laundry elsewhere to wash
  8. having to wait on elevators, especially when one always seems to be out of service and another is always in use for people who are moving in/out
  9. being a traveling circus sideshow when my children don’t feel like listening and we need to leave/enter the apartment – although I’m sure their antics have served as birth control for the numerous students who live in the building
  10. never-ending construction both in and out of our building.. sometimes it starts as early as 0330!

In writing this, I noticed that it took a lot longer to come up with these ten items as compared to the things I will miss, and I think that is telling.  Still though, I look forward to what will hopefully be a quieter life that includes parking and in-home laundry facilities.


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