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our apartment

30 November, 2017

This is our apartment.


Chances are you haven’t been to see it.

You may have asked about it though; of all the things people ask me about (toddlers asking “why?” aside), questions about our living arrangements top the list.

Are we still living in our apartment? Yes.  We are a family of four humans and two cats, choosing to live in a relatively small, one bedroom apartment.  We somehow made it work, but lately, it’s been increasingly apparent that we have outgrown this place.

Maybe, probably, and hopefully we’ll be moving soon, but for now, this is our home.  An exit strategy has been in the works for years and it’s rumored that we may even have a house to move into, but until someone gives us the keys (or until the end of the year), here we’ll remain.

Our building is fancy, but there’s absolutely nothing glamorous about having two twin mattresses on the floor, tucked into corners of the bedroom that you share with your children.  Our living room is constantly littered with books and toys that can’t be stored elsewhere because we’ve simply run out of space.  And during mealtimes, only two of us can sit at the table at one time because cramped quarters don’t allow for a bigger table.

Despite these insignificant details that I sometimes get caught up on, I’m going to miss this place.

I am going to miss SO much about this place, definitely not limited to the following:

  1. Living somewhere that is conveniently located to basically all of the highways and major roadways that go throughout our city
  2. Having five grocery stores, numerous amazing parks, and so much more all within easy walking distance
  3. Hearing a wide variety of languages spoken within the halls and on the sidewalks where we live
  4. Access to a pretty great public transportation system
  5. An indoor pool and Pure Barre studio within the building
  6. Being part of a fantastic library system
  7. Having the Children’s Museum a short walk away
  8. Living in a building staffed with some truly kind people
  9. Being a block and a half from Lake Michigan
  10. It being where we went from being a married couple, to a family of three, and then to a family of four, and literally the place where my babies were born
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