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Happy first birthday, Duder.

8 April, 2017

This time last year, I was alternating between doing something of a side-to-side swaying dance while staring at this spot on the wall and updating some friends via group text.


After weeks of prodromal labor, and after conveniently waiting for me to nurse Pony Monkey to sleep around 20:30, at 41w5d, Little Dude decided to initiate his launch sequence.  I had a hard time taking the contractions seriously because I’d thought I was going into true labor so many times already that I couldn’t see how this time was any different.  My midwife gave me a call around 21:00 to see how I was doing, and then decided to come join us.

She arrived within 30 minutes and was soon joined by her assistant.  Pony Monkey woke shortly thereafter and joined our little birthday party. While I was doing my best to stay relaxed, she was running laps around our living room and building forts on the couch with The Husband.


During Pony Monkey’s labor and delivery, I asked that no pictures be taken.  This time around, I left my camera out, and anticipating being unable to speak, I left written instructions to take ALL the pictures, and I’m so glad I did.

A mere 3.5 hours after getting Pony Monkey to bed, our Duder Bug made his debut. Born en caul, his amniotic sac only ruptured when neither The Husband nor the midwife caught him and he landed (a few inches below) on our daybed.  Big sister and the birthday boy aside, we all had a good laugh about this.

Duder has adapted well to life on the outside.

He’s about 31″ tall, he weighs around 23lbs, he’s got 8 teeth with more on the way, he’s mastered walking and is now branching out to running and climbing, and he’s got four distinct, at least to me, words (go, get/got, that, and cat), and it seems he’s on the verge of two more (cup and mama).

What I can’t easily quantify though is how sweet this kid is.  How his tiny hand fits into mine. The way he rapidly breathes in and out of his mouth when he’s excited. His insistent “get! get!” as he offers me a piece of food he is eating. The weight of his sleepy (but not yet asleep) body as he rests his head on my shoulder.  And even the strength with which he contorts his body and struggles as I change his diapers. As ever, the beauty is in the details.

Happy birthday, Duder.  You are so loved.


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  1. Sarah Guidone permalink
    11 April, 2017 12:24

    Love this post. The pool. The honesty. The little details and the very obvious love in your family. Happy Birthday to your littlest gem and I hope you all are doing wonderfully! xoxo

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