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things heard from our floor’s hallway: a non-interview with a 10 month old

8 February, 2017

While waiting for the elevator today, the kids and I heard a series of “*click* bad! *click* bad!”

I’m not totally sure what was going on, but given that the occupants in that unit recently got a puppy, I’d guess that they were doing some sort of clicker training.

At some point in the last couple of weeks, I’m sure our neighbors have heard lots of cheering and clapping and the laughter of children and adults alike.  What started as Little Dude raising his arms in response to us saying “YAY!” has morphed into all of us clapping while he smiles and we take up the usual exclamation.

Other tricks that he has recently learned include:

  • drinking out of a straw
  • drinking out of a regular sippy cup
  • pointing and grunting at things he wants
  • saying “guh” within the context of where “go” would apply (also “kuh” with our cats and cars)
  • walking unassisted
  • smacking your hand away if you try to feed him something he doesn’t want
  • shaking his head to communicate “no”

He loves dancing and wrestling with his big sister, trying to “pet” the cats, and playing with our magnetic blocks.

He’s not a fan of sleeping for longer than 90 minutes at a stretch, not being held, or having the books he likes to eat taken away.

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