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2016 gift

26 December, 2016

Every year, The Husband chooses one moment to have recreated in a drawing and gives it to me as a gift.  It’s fun to guess at what he’ll choose for that year.  The birth of our son this year was an obvious choice.. too obvious, so he went for something else:


Here we see Queen Elsa, played by three-year-old Pony Monkey, using a seven or eight-month-old Little Dude as a step stool to aid in her attempt to escape from her kennel.

Learning to use one’s environment to help in tricky situations is some sort of developmental milestone, right? And siblings working together is something all parents hope to someday see, no? We’re so proud.

Seriously though, this is our life.  This is what little kids do.  This is what gives us our teachable moments.  And this is what The Husband chose for 2016.  I couldn’t be happier.

(thank you, my friend.)

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    27 December, 2016 00:43


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