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non-interview with an 8 month old

8 December, 2016

I tried to interview the Little Dude

He declined comment.


The time has been flying by a lot quicker with this one.  In a few minutes, it’ll be 11:31PM, and Little Dude will be exactly 8 months old.

In his time so far, he’s grown a lot, developed some preferences, and acquired some skills.

He’s 29″ tall.

He weighs 20 lbs.

He has four teeth.

He does a fantastic pterodactyl impersonation.

He laughs at Pony Monkey’s antics and follows her around like a little puppy.

He can crawl, scoot, and pull himself into a standing position.  And as of last weekend, he can sit up now too.  He’s also starting to cruise around on furniture.

He can fill a shot glass with drool in 2.3 seconds.

He loves scrambled eggs, oranges, and hummus.

He doesn’t like the cold wind or being more than a few feet away from me.

And he’s pretty much the sweetest Little Dude that I’ve ever met.


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  1. Sarah Guidone permalink
    9 December, 2016 10:58

    oh my goodness! Thank you so much for sharing this- what a precious little boy!! Gotta have you guys over for dinner sometime. Let me know what your calendars look like for January? xoxo

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