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this weekend’s moment in which I leveled up

21 August, 2016

Yesterday afternoon, I leveled up as a mother.  But being that I was so caught up in mothering, I failed to notice my powers growing, building, and.. well, leveling up until after the fact. I feel like a lot of being a mom is like that – you need to be strong, creative, and able to adapt to whatever gets thrown at you, literally or figuratively, and it isn’t until you take a few steps back that you realize everything it is that you’re doing.

Right now, we’re spending a long weekend on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan.  Our plan? The beach.  Today’s weather? Stormy – lots of rain, fierce winds, and even a couple of tornadoes not far from here.

What do you do when your beach vacation gets rained out?  Head to the local cinema, of course! My sister-in-law was surprised that I wanted to go see a movie with a four month old and an almost three year old, but hey, what’s the worst that could happen? Live dangerously.


A week or so ago, Pony Monkey decided that diapers are better suited to babies and now prefers to do her business on a potty or toilet.  Did she need to use the bathroom right before we left for our movie?  No.  Of course not.

We got our tickets, got our popcorn, selected seats strategically located nearest the exit, and settled in to enjoy our show.  Little Dude was amazed by the big screen, as well as the new sounds and smells.  Shortly after the movie started though, he fell asleep.


And at that moment, Pony Monkey whisper-shouted, as only toddlers seem to do, that she needed to pee.

Did I attempt to pass off a sleeping babe and risk waking him up, crying no doubt, as my toddler wets herself? No, I mom’d up.

To the bathroom we three went, sleeping baby slung over my shoulder.  Pony Monkey peered into each stall, noting that there were only big toilets and no little potties like back home.

“Mama, help me.  I need to pee.”  An accident wouldn’t have been the end of the world, but we’d all prefer to avoid it.  The sense of urgency kicked up a notch or two.

Donkey Mama dressed Pony Monkey in jeans and a onesie (i.e., snaps at the crotch); both items require adult disassembly. No worries.  Shift the weight of the sleeping baby.  Use free hand to tug jeans down.  Slide fingernails in between each side of the snaps in the onesie, thereby opening the shirt.  Tug down undergarments.  Instruct toddler to hug her mama around the neck and hang on.  Lift toddler and position her on toilet seat such that neither pee sprays out nor bum falls in.  Warn toddler that if she lefts go, the result may be unpleasant.  Wipe.  Dress. Herd toddler out of stall.  Angle baby away from toilet. Flush. Wash hands. Praise the air dryer for not being one of the loud ones.  Exit bathroom, baby asleep, both toddler and mama beaming for all that we’ve accomplished.

Over the course of the last almost three years, I’ve had a handful of moments where I’ve felt like I’d bitten off more than I could chew.  I’m happy to say though that I’ve had a far greater number of moments where I’ve felt like I’ve got this. Now if only I could figure out how to keep up with everything else..

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  1. Sarah Guidone permalink
    22 August, 2016 17:45

    I love this story and I am so excited for you with all your accomplishments in motherhood. You really are a kind, creative, and tenacious woman- those two little ones are SO lucky to have you and Syed for parents! Hope to see you guys sometime soon xoxo Sarah

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