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interview with a Pony Monkey (28 months)

25 January, 2016

One of my favorite memories of childhood centered around reading a book we created as a class when I was in first grade.  My teacher had each student write cooking instructions on how to cook a turkey, and then the collection of student work was compiled into a book that was gifted to parents at some point during the school year.

I remember being 10 or 11 years old and reading over what my classmates had written with regards to Thanksgiving day kitchen preparation.  It was, as one might imagine, pretty humorous to see what most 6 or 7 year olds know about cooking.  I’m hoping that we unearth the book at some point while going through boxes after we move.

In the meantime though, I thought it’d be nice to start conducting interviews with the Pony Monkey as I’m sure that I’ll enjoy reading them years from now, and she may get a kick out of it too.

I’m also curious to see how her language will continue to develop, and would love to have some sort of written record; I wish I would have documented more  of her language acquisition as she has grown because I have some serious gaps in my memory.  Like I had mentioned yesterday, I have a good idea as to where she was with vocabulary at 17 months of age, and I’m pretty sure that at that point, she was communicating in single sound or word chunks.  She has since progressed to using complete sentences with noticeable changes in intonation that typically help listeners differentiate between questions, statements, and commands.  I also recall her having a huge jump in vocabulary from 20 months to 21 months, and she may have started using phrases and shorter sentences around then too.

Anyway, Pony Monkey and I were talking earlier, using a list of questions that a friend of mine had posted.  She didn’t have much to say, but here are her responses:

Q: What is something that I often say to you?

A: Love you.

Q: What makes me happy?

A: Tea.

Q: What makes me angry?

A: This.  (Held up a stuffed toy leek)  Your lunch makes you angry.

Q: How do I make you laugh?

A: Doing “hahahahaha.”

Q: What was I like as a child?

A: Playing with these. (Held up some of her Touch and Feel Picture Cards)

Q: How old am I?

A: 3 age.

Q: How tall am I?

A: 3 pounds tall.

Q: What is my favorite thing to do?

A: Eat pizza.

Q: What do I do when you’re not around?

A: Play.

Q: What am I really good at doing?

A: Doing eating.

Q: What am I not very good at doing?

A: Doing that.  (Pointed to pile of toys on the floor)

Q: What do I do for a job?

A: Doing that.  (Pointed to the holiday cards we received that are displayed on the living room wall)

Q: What kind of job do you want to have when you’re grown up?

A: Uhh, no.  No.  I got it.  Clown. That clown one.

Q: What is my favorite food?

A: Tomatoes.

Q: What do you enjoy doing with me?

A: Play.

Q: What is my name?

A: Tracy, no Karim.  Karim Mama. Write Mama.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. 25 January, 2016 19:37

    This is adorable! What a great idea! I love 3 pounds tall!

  2. The MOTHER permalink
    25 January, 2016 20:50

    Cute. I would like to interview her also when she is here. Love her favorite food, tomatoes!

    • 25 January, 2016 23:35

      She was talking about me there.

      We should ask her about you in an interview!

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