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magic cats

6 December, 2015

Earlier this week, we had a repairman in our living room.

With Mook attempting to get up in his business, he couldn’t help but notice her. He also couldn’t help mentioning that she was strange.  While the appearance of our cats is something I’m obviously quite used to, I’m still sometimes surprised by the reactions of other people.  And even though it’s easy for me to forget that not everyone is used to seeing magic cats, the ensuing conversation makes me glad that so many strangers remark on their uniqueness in the first place.


magic cats in cuddle mode  

These cats came into our lives because we wanted pets who could peacefully coexist with us in a 376 sq ft studio, travel easily, and perhaps most importantly, not cause The Husband to expire due to an allergic reaction.

Now that Mook and Ninja have been part of our family for over six years, it’s easy for me to forget that The Husband is allergic to cats.  After spending time in places where regular cats live, however, and seeing him experience the effects of these cats, I’m reminded of how lucky we are to have found magic cats.

I’ve mentioned previously that our cats are Cornish Rex.  They’re sometimes mistakenly thought to be sphynx or hairless, but neither of these things are true.  They’re also sometimes labelled hypoallergenic, and based on our experience with these creatures, and the definition of “hypoallergenic” taken to mean cats that are “less likely to provoke or produce an allergic reaction in humans,” they definitely fit that bill.  In fact, Ninja and The Husband are snuggled up next to one another in bed right now, and this has been a common occurrence throughout our years together.  The Husband may have reacted a little bit to our cats initially, but he quickly developed a tolerance to them that never seemed to occur with regular cats.

Mook and Ninja are two of the most delightfully spirited little animals I’ve ever met, and I can’t imagine not having them in my life.  And for the fact that they allow The Husband to keep breathing, despite their constant presence in our home, they’ll always be our magic cats.

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