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meet Ninja

18 August, 2015
baby Ninja

baby Ninja

This is Ninja.

On this day, six years ago, Ninja joined our family.  The Husband and I got him while on something of a honeymoon in Wisconsin and Minnesota, and we had quite the adventure driving back down to Illinois with him.

Ninja, like his sister Mook, is a Cornish Rex cat.  He is known throughout the land for his beauty, his ability to perform miracles, and for his loud vocalizations.

He is very sweet and cuddly.  If left alone for too long, he becomes needy and will not hesitate to tell you how he feels about his neglect.

In his free time, Ninja enjoys giving kitty massages, watching cooking programs on TV, taking naps, engaging in kitty combat, stealing french fries, headbutting his humans, escaping from the confines of our apartment, men with facial hair, and checking out how much traffic the tumblr he shares with Mook receives each day.

watching TV

watching TV

Ninja is nothing short of opinionated, and the things he dislikes include: taking baths, the cold, oysters, being forced to ride under the seat on planes, racism, and going to the vet.

A Ninja by any other name would still smell as sweet.  Some of Ninja’s aliases include: Budnar, Neener Beans, Ninja the Magnificent, Nin-jee, Warbud, and Ninus Binus.

guarding his favorite little human on the day of her birth

guarding his favorite little human on the day of her birth

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