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Chicago is the new Dhaka

3 August, 2015

On Friday, I finished a book that dug its way under my skin.  While wrapping my head around this book, I blinked, and for a second, I saw the light coming in through the cracks in the universe.  And then The Child and I went to spend the rest of the day with some family members who have since left for a month-long trip to Bangladesh.

On Saturday, the day began with me dropping off Dhaka-bound passengers at ORD and ended with me carefully navigating my way through the congested streets of downtown Chicago.  After Lollapalooza’s stages closed for the night, concertgoers spilled into the streets of my neighborhood, and rickshaws outnumbered cars 3:1.

On Sunday, I popped into a local grocery store and was met by piles of reusable grocery bags as well as people who seemed to be very confused by the disappearance of plastic bags after Chicago’s ban on plastic bags went into effect 1 August.  I’m not sure which I’m more surprised by – how confused people were or the fact that it took this long to enact a ban on plastic bags in the first place.

On Monday, today, I was looking for a pair of sunglasses in my backpack, and I happened upon one of the tiny cloth bags I received when I bought something at a pharmacy in Dhaka in 2010.  They banned the use of plastic bags several years ago.

Bangladeshi bag

Bangladeshi bag

There is a crack in everything.  That’s how the light gets in.  Now if only I could find my sunglasses..

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