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a word list seventeen months in the making

18 February, 2015

I’m very lucky to belong to a community of moms who have children that are roughly the same age as The Child.  One topic of conversation that comes up often enough is language acquisition as it applies to our toddlers.  Recently, one of the other moms asked how many words our kids were using regularly, and while I could give some degree of a response, I couldn’t quantify The Child’s vocabulary because I had never really thought about all of the words she has taken to using.. until now.

Words are largely understood to be separate, meaningful units of language that are used in our speech or writing. Some may need to hear her words within a situational context to get it, and others may need a parental interpreter to understand her intended meaning.  Regardless of whether or not Others can easily figure out her speech, The Child is adding to her vocabulary at an ever-increasing rate.

To date, she has got:

1) baah (used to mean sheep/lamb)

2) baby

3) bad

4) bah (bra)

5) ball

6) bath

7) bawk (used to mean chicken)

8)be (berry/berries)

9) bee (flying, stinging insect)

10) bee (urine/urinate)

11) beep beep (used to mean one of her favorite books – Honk Honk! Beep Beep!)

12) bitte (I’d like to know who has been speaking German with my kid)

13) brrr (cold)

14) boo-ry (burrito)

15) bow (bowl)

16) ‘bu (Abbu)

17) bye

18) done

19) down

20) hi

21) hot

22) kitty

23) maah (goat)

24) mama

25) me

26) mine

27) moo (cow)

28) more

29) my

30) neigh (horse)

31) ni (Ninja Cat)

32) no

33) now

34) ree (read)

35) ssssd (sunflower seed)

36) ssssk (snake)

37) there

38) whassat (what’s that?)

39) who (owl)

40) why

41) woof (dog)

42) wow

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