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a cure for the fear of flying?

16 December, 2014
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Flying is one of my least favorite activities.  I don’t like the rush of getting to the airport, I don’t like the process of going through security, and most of all, I don’t like being trapped in a metal tube at 35,000 feet. In fact, I find that last bit horrifying. Ordinarily, I take comfort in science and statistics, but even those can’t help me with my irrational fear of flying.


saying bye-bye to Phoenix

saying bye-bye to Phoenix

One thing that has helped lessen my terror before and during a flight is having to wrangle a toddler. With all of my attention focused on keeping her occupied, quiet, and safe, I have neither the time nor the energy to worry about plummeting to our death somewhere in Flyover Country. And instead of trying to take a nap myself, I now hold a little girl in my arms as she naps, while finding activities that I can do one handed, like snapping pictures of said sleeping child and blogging, apparently.  Flying like this seems to make the flights feel simultaneously shorter and longer, and thankfully, a bit less frightening.  Being kept busy by The Child while on a flight may not be a cure for my fear of flying, but every bit helps.

passed out in mama's lap

passed out in mama’s lap

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  1. The Mother. ( Grammy ) permalink
    19 December, 2014 22:02

    My girls. Sweet.

  2. Aunty caryn permalink
    21 December, 2014 10:10

    what a beautiful sight…..a sleeping child

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