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meet Mook

24 July, 2013
Meet Mook.

Meet Mook.

This is Mook.

This tiny creature came into our lives four years ago today.  The Husband brought her home as a wedding gift for me, and she has been my Little Cat ever since.  People often remark about how big her ears are, how soft her coat is, and the fact that she seems to be missing much of her fur.  They also mistakenly think she is a Sphynx cat or refer to her as a hairless cat.  Neither is true.  She and our other cat, Ninja, are both Cornish Rex cats.  We chose them after a rigorous search because we discovered these cats to have magical properties.

definitely *not* a hairless cat

definitely *not* a hairless cat

Mook is a sweet, if not slightly deranged feline.  She has a variety of likes and dislikes, as well as a wide range of nicknames.

Likes: chasing and killing house flies, drinking water that has been designated for humans, sunny naps, playing in the water after someone takes a shower, yogurt and/or applesauce, singing to alert her humans to the presence of an insect, obsessively licking things, traveling, sleeping in a human armpit, unleashing hell on the scratch post, washing her feet in her water bowl,  letting out a barely audible battle cry before pouncing, and having random people on the internet admire her beauty on the tumblr she shares with Ninja.

Mook is a fierce creature.

Mook is a fierce creature.

Dislikes: boisterous children, long walks on the beach, excited puppies, cold weather, not receiving attention from her humans, and salad.

Nicknames: Mookenstein, Little Cat, Mucous, Little Brain, Donkey Cat, and many more.

Mook reposing on a shelf in our Warsaw apartment

Mook reposing on a shelf in our Warsaw apartment

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