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uninvited guests part II

30 December, 2012

After spending close to two weeks in the Chicago area visiting with friends and family for the holidays, The Husband, our cats, and I returned to Puryear late last night.

The ride down took about seven hours, so I had ample time to visualize the effects of our two-week absence; surely our uninvited guests had overrun our apartment, and might even be sleeping in our bed.

I was the first one in the door, and made a quick sweep before releasing the cats from their carriers.  I was pleasantly surprised to find neither squirrels nor evidence of squirrels in our apartment.

When we first looked at the place back in August, the bedroom had a small hole in the wall and some insulation on the carpet.  We were puzzled by this, and after asking our landlord, we learned that the apartment shares its walls with a family of squirrels.  Apparently, they break through the walls from time to time and sometimes run the length of the house at 0300, but other than that, they’re not bad neighbors.

In the mornings, one of them often pops his head out of their exterior hole to say hello.  Our cats wait on the kitchen counter next to the kitchen window every morning in hopes that the squirrel will come to the window and say hi to them as well.

our squirrel says hello

our squirrel says hello


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