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tobacco country

28 October, 2012

We live in tobacco country.

Until we moved here last August, I had never seen a tobacco plant before.  And up until last week, when the last of the area’s plants had been harvested, I drove by them at least ten times a week.

I enjoyed driving by the neat rows of beautiful plants day after day, and watching the harvesting process has been interesting.

First, the plants are grown.

growing tobacco plants


Then the plants are harvested.

harvesting the tobacco leaves


The tobacco leaves are hung out to dry.


hanging out to dry


And then the tobacco leaves are moved indoors to dry some more, and then get cured.


drying and getting cured


The first time I saw a barn filled with curing tobacco sending spirals of smoke up into the sky, I pulled off the road and got ready to call 911 because I thought someone’s barn was on fire.  And then I realized that the farmer and his farm hands were standing right outside the barn, not looking particularly concerned.


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