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our interstate move

9 September, 2012

moving out of our storage facility in IL

Two weeks ago, we moved into our new apartment.

After spending a day or two going through our “storage locker” in my in-laws’ basement, The Husband and I rented a moving truck, and with the help of his dad and uncle, we filled it up with all of our worldly possessions and hit the road around 1800 .  After stopping twice for food/bathroom breaks, and once for gas, and after doing the speed limit the whole way down, we got into Murray at around 0200 the following day.

Because we rolled into town without having found an apartment, we stayed at a local hotel for our first few days in the area.

I’ve moved so many times that I’ve stopped keeping track of the actual number of moves.  And while I don’t hate the act of moving as much as some people I know, it’s not one of my favorite things to do.  Especially in late August, when it is both hot and humid.

After having moved a few times internationally, and more than a few times domestically, I have to say that I think I prefer the act of moving internationally, even if there is a really long flight involved.  International moves are easier.  Sure, there is more paperwork involved on the front end, and research to be done on how we can import our cats without problems, and making a packing list and having to pick and choose which possessions will be packed into our foot lockers, but on moving day, we just gather our gear and head to the airport.  Because we’ve never tried to move all of our things overseas, the international moves have been much easier; we can only bring what we can carry (or transport on a luggage cart).

This time though, everything went.  Even though we don’t have as many things as some people I know, we still have way too much stuff.  We’re slowly settling in now, and as soon as that part is done, we’ll transition into the purging phase of this move.  It will be interesting to see how many boxes of stuff we can either toss or donate.

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