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the best french fries in Poland

12 June, 2012

Earlier this semester, as I was walking from the metro while on my way home from school, I noticed a throng of people gathered on a street corner.  I thought it was odd for so many people to be standing around there, but put it out of my mind as I continued home.

A few days later, The Husband came home from work with some delicious french fries carried in a paper cone.  He too had seen a crowd of people, investigated further, and in doing so, found the best french fries in Poland.

the perfect mix of salty and greasy – crisp on the outside, soft in the center

They’re located just a few streets from our apartment, and they sell a small order of fries for 5 zł (or $1.50), a large order of fries for 8 zł ($2.40), and various sauces for 1 zl ( $0. 30) for a small container.  They also have coffee, beer, and soda available.  The sauces on offer change daily, and they’ve all been fairly tasty, especially the wasabi mayo.

Belgian-style fries

This fry shop is also how I learned the Polish word for window, okienko (also, okno –  which is oddly similar to the Polish word for eye, oko.  What was that adage about eyes being windows to something?)

waiting near the window for our fries

where the french fry magic happens


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