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a language learning confession

27 April, 2012

The weather lately has been absolutely beautiful, and next week we have a long holiday.  So needless to say, not many students came to my second class today.  We had so few students that our regularly scheduled activity would not work, and so instead, we had a casual conversation peppered with certain words being written on the board and explained.  I love when all of my students come to class, but this was a nice opportunity to get to know three of my students better while targeting their specific interests.

At some point in the 90-minute period, we were talking about language learning, and I mentioned how difficult Polish is for me, and that because my pronunciation is so bad, I feel very self-conscious.  When people have trouble understanding my attempts in Polish, the conversation often switches to English, and this switching (while kind on the part of the native speaker), isn’t helping me to learn Polish.

One of my students suggested that I pretend like I don’t speak English.  I like this idea even though I know that if I can’t use English, my inclination is to go with the Arabic I learned while in Morocco.

What I didn’t mention in class is that sometimes, when I get frustrated with the Polish language, I seek comfort in my Alif Baa.

cheating on the Polish language

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