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Camp Heathrow

23 March, 2012
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I had another late-night flight, and this time, an eight-hour layover in London.

Because my flight got in close to midnight, I chose to just stay at the airport and get some sleep.  My morning flight was out of Terminal 2, and so I headed over there to make camp and catch some Z’s.

Upon arrival in Terminal 2, I was quite thirsty, and was happy to find that one shop was still open so travelers can stock up on provisions despite the late hour. Armed with a bottle of water and some snacks for later, I quickly found an area upstairs, away from the doors (it was cold!), that had chairs where at least a few armrests were missing.  Sadly, the nearest electric outlet was on a post a good 50 meters from the chairs, but as my primary purpose here was sleep, I decided the chairs were more important than the electricity.

I also found that a few other people had already set up camp in this area.

Camp Heathrow, Terminal 2 (upstairs)

Unfortunately, the bathrooms were quite a bit further from Camp than I would have preferred.  There is seating (with electricity!) closer to the bathrooms, but it’s hard metal seating with armrests at every division point.

my campsite

I was happy with my campsite until 0500 when morning staff arrived, bringing their loud conversations with them.  I drifted in and out of consciousness with stories of last night’s crazy bar antics being gossiped about by two employees until they decided to kick us all out at 0600.  Apparently, we had decided to camp out in an area set up for special needs individuals, and only they are allowed in that area during the day time.

At that point, I was ready for breakfast anyway, and grabbed a sandwich and some coffee from the Pret a Manger located about 20 meters away.

Sleeping in London’s Heathrow airport wasn’t a bad experience, although had I arrived after all 6 suitable sleeping chair/benches had been claimed (around 0030), I might be singing a different tune.  Given the size of LHR, I’m sure there are other places to camp out, but this was convenient to my early morning flight back to Warsaw.

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  1. Mother permalink
    23 April, 2012 01:06

    I might be inclined you could argue you have “special needs”

  2. 23 April, 2012 12:38

    Sounds great! What region of Warsaw are you in? I’m living in lower Mokotow. Are you free this week? I love making new friends, and I’d love to talk Poland and teaching and Fulbright!
    mandaj07 at gmail dot com

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