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sleeping in Glasgow International Airport

18 March, 2012

Last night, I slept like a baby.

My flight from London got in around 2300 and because it was so late, I opted to just stay and sleep in the airport.

The overall experience of sleeping at Glasgow International Airport was great.  After entering the terminal, I promptly found an entire row of chairs that had no arm rests and were padded, out of the way, and near an electrical outlet.  Success!

My cozy campsite at GLA, before I was escorted to the designated sleeping quarters.

There was a bathroom nearby, and while other people were walking through the area, everything was spaced out enough that no one sat down right next to me, and it was very quiet.

I was able to get a good 2.5-3 hours of sleep before a woman who works at the airport woke me to let me know that while sleeping overnight is allowed in the airport, they prefer to keep all of their overnight guests in one location, land side, near the exits and baggage claims.  I had to gather my things and follow her to my new sleeping grounds.

Sleeping on a bench in front of the arcade.

I had a bit of trouble falling back asleep, mostly due to the fact that around 0400 this part of the airport seemed to wake up: employees were pulling tables and chairs out of small restaurants to set up for the day and other employees were coming in and carrying on loud conversations.  And occasional overhead announcements were made.

I fell back to sleep around 0500 and slept until 0900, and woke up to find my backpack, shoes and bottle of water unmolested.  I used my laptop bag as a pillow and brought my blanket.  It was cold, so I ended up using my coat as a blanket too.

Bathrooms were plentiful and relatively clean, electrical outlets were easy enough to find, GLA provides internet terminals (£1 for ten minutes) which I did not need because my Polish internet works here too, apparently.  In my first camp, there was a small food vendor, but it was closed.  After relocating, I was next to a 24-hour Tesco that had snacks, sandwiches, fresh fruit and beverages.  The sit-down restaurant opened around 0500, and the Starbucks was still closed at 0500 but was open when I woke up 4 hours later.

I would sleep at Glasgow International Airport again if needed, but I would be sure to go straight to the designated sleeping area so as not to be moved in the middle of the night.  There were 6-7 other people sleeping when I was relocated, and everyone had 3-4 chairs with no armrests to stretch out on.  I had plenty of space, and there was easily room for another 5 or so people to sleep too.

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  1. Mother permalink
    18 March, 2012 23:26

    I just sit here, shake my head and chuckle to myself. Did you have your goat?

    • 18 March, 2012 23:28

      This was a business trip, so I made my goats stay home.

    • 3 May, 2012 15:48

      The best thing to do is to try some comparison sites like, then try going to the top 3 chaepest places it tells you direct, which usually end up being even cheaper.

  2. CARYN permalink
    20 March, 2012 01:17

    I just LOVE all your adventures. What an interesting book it would make, and what memories when you get old like me .

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