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Spring Break in Morocco.. and Spain

15 March, 2012

This afternoon, I cleaned out my backpack in preparation for this year’s spring break travels.  While cleaning, I found my CTM bus ticket from Tetouan to Casablanca.  Seeing the ticket for the first leg of my trek back to Errachidia made me stop and reminisce a little about last year’s spring break in Tetouan visiting with some of my ETA friends.

CTM bus ticket, Tetouan to Casablanca 10 April 2011

Tetouan is such a lovely city.  I’m glad that I got a chance to visit (Thanks GA!) and to spend some quality time with my fellow Fulbrighters.

the view of Tetouan from Dar Álvarez

To shave about 12 hours off my trip, I flew from Errachidia to Casablanca, and from there, took a train to Tangiers.  I then walked from the train station to the nearest grand taxi station, and bought the two front seats in the next taxi headed to Tetouan.  And I arrived at Dar Álvarez just in time for a delicious meal with friends.

Mmm.. dinner.

While we were spring breaking, we may have ended up in Ceuta, one of Spain’s African exclaves.  Whoops!

Nuestra Señora de Africa (patrona de Ceuta)

On our walk down to the Sea.. looking up the wall to see flowers and a palm tree.

at the beach in Ceuta, Moroccan mountains in the background

the moat surrounding the old Ceuta city walls

All in all, an absolutely lovely trip.  And the time travel and border crossing adventures made it that much more fun and memorable.

I’m excited about my upcoming travels, although I don’t know that two TEFL-themed conferences and some R&R back in Chicago will outshine the craziness that always seemed to accompany travel in Morocco.

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  1. Mother permalink
    16 March, 2012 02:11

    You have been away for so long, you forgot the craziness that can happen with this equation; Tracy plus Mother equals….

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