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street signs that make sense

11 March, 2012

Warsaw’s street signs are one of my favorite things about this city.

I’ve always paid attention to street signs, and after working as a pizza delivery driver while at university, I have a really keen appreciation for signs that are big enough to be visible from the street, and that are clear and easy to read.

And after having traveled quite a bit, I am confident in saying that Warsaw has the best street signs I’ve ever seen.

Ulica Wiśniowa # 55-63

What makes them so great?

They’re uniform in color, layout and placement (both on buildings and street corners).  The blue section tells you the name of the street as well as addresses that will be found on that block.  The red section gives the name of the district, or neighborhood, that the sign is located in.

As I walk through the streets of Warsaw, I like to think about the houses or apartments on each street and who might be living there.  In addition to entertaining my mind as I wander around, these signs have helped me know the city on another level.  They’re one of the many things I’d love to see back in the US.

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