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kiosks are the new hanouts

11 March, 2012

Living in Warsaw has much in common with living in Chicago.

There are days when I walk down the street and forget that I’m living in a foreign country, at least until I see something like one of Warsaw’s numerous kiosks.

kiosk in Warsaw

They’re as easy to find in Polish cities as hanouts were in Morocco; kiosks seem to be at every major intersection, and at some points in between.  And, like hanouts, kiosks are used as convenient places to buy a snack or something to drink.  Kiosks also sell magazines, bus/tram tickets and cigarettes.  Most kiosks, like many other things in Warsaw, are closed on Sundays.

another kiosk at dusk

Near our apartment, we also have a fresh fruit and vegetable kiosk.  In warmer months, they had tables set up outside to display their produce, but now that it is cold, they keep their stock inside and your transaction is conducted through a small window, just like at the regular kiosks.

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