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H is for hipster

2 March, 2012

This semester, I’m teaching both undergrad and grad students.  And in one section of the latter, the topic of hipsters keeps surfacing.  Yesterday’s remark?  Our textbook was written by hipsters.  While I can neither confirm nor deny the truth of that statement, I can tell you that students of economics don’t seem to have a lot of love for hipsters.

After class yesterday, The Husband and I met a colleague of his for dinner at one of Warsaw’s few vegetarian restaurants, Biosfeera.  I enjoyed being in the position of having too many options to choose from, and enjoyed the overall meal as well.

Dinner was followed by a short trek across the Wisla to what very well may have been a hipster hang out, Klub Hydrozagadka, where we saw a local band play.  We bought our tickets at the door, trading cash for stamps on the insides of our right wrists.

H is for Hydrozagadka.

brick walls & rope lights inside Hydrozagadka

The venue itself was comfortable, decked out in rope lights, tea candles and furniture from someone’s parents’ basement.  And the band, Village Kollektiv, put on a good show.  They had eight members packed on a tiny stage, and played close to a two-hour set of what they describe as “fusion of electronics with live sound of original instruments and traditional vocals.”  Some of their songs reminded me a little of Beats Antique, and others were quite unlike anything I’d heard before.  I liked it though, and will be working them into the home rotation.

Village Kollektiv at Hydrozagadka

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