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dogs in Poland

26 February, 2012

I see as many dogs in Poland, on a daily basis, as I saw cats while living in Morocco.  The big difference, besides species, is the fact that people here own the dogs.  The numerous times I’ve seen dogs outside without a human, they were either tethered to a post outside a shop, or were otherwise sporting signs of being owned, like wearing a collar or looking well-fed and well-groomed.

a dog in Warsaw patiently waiting for his human

During one of our first weeks in Poland, The Husband and I were at one of Warsaw’s many malls.  As we exited the mall, we saw a dog sitting on a bench all by himself.  Because we were not yet used to seeing dogs sitting around outside waiting for their humans, we were a little concerned.  The dog was leashed to the bench.  Did someone abandon him there?

Other people were passing by, but no one seemed to notice the dog sitting on the bench.  Unsure of what to do, we sat down with him.  It was cold out, so I allowed the shivering dog to cuddle up next to me while the three of us sat there, waiting.  After about 15 minutes, the dog perked up and we noticed a woman walking toward us with a confused expression.  Due to the language barrier, not much was said, but we left happy knowing that the human had returned for her dog.  And we learned that we should no longer be confused by the sight of dogs waiting outside of public places for their humans.

human shops, dog waits

This morning, The Husband and I went to our favorite local café for breakfast.  While inside waiting  for a table to become available, I felt two tiny paws on my leg.  Looking down, I saw a small dog who came over to say hello while his humans, at the nearby table, were eating breakfast.  Just when I thought I had the rules figured out, something changed.  I see dogs almost daily on buses, trains and trams, but this is the first time I had seen one inside of a business.

Regardless of whether the dogs are inside with their people or outside waiting for them to return, it’s clear that Poles are fond of dogs.

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  1. 26 February, 2012 16:17

    I love the picture of the little doggy waiting for his human!

  2. 26 February, 2012 20:12

    haha.. so clever dogs!

    • 29 February, 2012 21:25

      Even better are the dogs who sit and wait without being tethered to a post!

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