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pączki for lunch

21 February, 2012
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On the way home from work today, I stopped at my neighborhood cukiernia, or sweets shop/bakery, and bought a pączek.

Mmm.. pączek.

Before moving to Poland, I became familiar with pączki thanks to the celebrating of Fat Tuesday in Chicago.  And while I enjoyed them back in the US, the pączki here are so much better.  The dough is spongier, the icing is applied with a lighter hand, the tops are sprinkled with candied orange peel, and the insides contain a dollop of delightfully tart rose jam.   They’re delicious!

i ❤ rose jam

Fat Tuesday is not celebrated in Poland.  Instead, people here celebrate their pre-Lent festivities on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday by consuming all sorts of tasty treats and calling it tłusty czwartek, or Greasy/Fat Thursday.  I was too busy preparing for classes to partake in celebrations then, but I’m sure it was just as enjoyable as my lunch was today.

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  1. Sarah permalink
    22 February, 2012 00:31

    YUMMMMM. I had my first pączki today and am now in love and terrified of those delicious treats. Can’t imagine how tasty the ones in Warsaw are- enjoy!!

    • Mother permalink
      22 February, 2012 02:21

      I think the “States” paczki’s are better than those in Poland, but just my opinion.

  2. 22 February, 2012 00:39

    Looks delicious!

  3. Mother permalink
    22 February, 2012 02:18

    And I thought of you today, as I enjoyed mine.

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