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just another Tuesday

15 February, 2012

In addition to being the first day of classes for the new semester, yesterday was also Valentine’s Day.  I had noticed cards and red heart decorations in a few shops, but other than that, Warsaw bore no obvious signs of what some would consider to be a holiday.

In one of my first-year sections yesterday, the topic came up.  A few students asked about celebrating Valentine’s Day in the United States, and I inquired about the opinions of celebrating it in Poland.  My students more or less agreed that yesterday was just another Tuesday.  It was refreshing.

And today, at the end of our lesson online, one of my Indonesian students wished me a happy belated Valentine’s Day.  This led to a quick conversation about how the holiday is celebrated (or not!) in both the US and in Indonesia.

For The Husband and I, yesterday evening was no different from any other evening.  We had a quiet dinner at home followed by watching an episode of a zombie-filled TV show we enjoy.  I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

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  1. 22 February, 2012 00:08

    Nothing says “Happy Valentines Day” like zombies! 🙂

  2. Mother permalink
    22 February, 2012 02:14

    Even though “Valentines Day” is just another day for Mrs. Karim, I would like to thank her for the lovely “Valentines Day” card she sent to my work place. Thank you, Sissy. I love you too.

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