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Tesco is the new Marjane

2 February, 2012

Before Thanksgiving, while looking for certain hard-to-find ingredients to make traditional American food, a friend suggested that I check out the Tesco on the south side of Warsaw.

Fast forward a few months, and The Husband and I finally made it down to the Tesco.  After resurfacing from the Metro, I thought I had somehow been transported back to Morocco.

Marjane is the Walmart of Morocco, and it’s kind of a big deal.  When we first arrived in-country, I was not impressed by the store, but after spending my first month in Errachidia, where we were without even a grocery store, spending 6 hours on a bus to go to Marjane in Meknes became an errand that I looked forward to; it was the nearest place where I could get coconut milk, peanut butter, and other items that I like to have.  And items are priced and clearly labeled!

As we walked through the Tesco parking lot and into the store, the similarities between it and Marjane became more numerous.  The store itself is at the back of an indoor strip mall, there is a small play area for children, people walked by us with shopping carts full of multiples of the same item, and both stores have policies against taking pictures inside.

behold, Tesco!

Checking out a new part of the city, and having a better idea as to the kind of products Tesco carries made it worth the 30 minute ride on the subway.

And just like at Marjane, they had a wide selection of slippers.

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