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weekend in Berlin

22 January, 2012
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Because a cousin who lives in Australia was in the neighborhood (read: on the same continent), The Husband and I traveled to Berlin for the weekend to meet up with him.

In front of the Reichstag

The two of us ended up taking the train from Warsaw to Berlin.  At about 5.5 hours, it’s kind of a long ride, but if you’re prepared with something good to read and a snack or two, it’s not bad at all.

This was the first time in Berlin for all three of us, so over breakfast on Saturday, we discussed and decided on taking an official tour.  Segways were our first choice, but those tours aren’t offered until March, so we went with our other option – our own two feet.  Within minutes of deciding to take the all-day walking tour, we were walking down the street with our group.

I typically avoid tours because they seem to either move too fast or too slow, and have too many people.  That and I usually prefer to just wander around on my own.  I enjoyed this tour though.  Our group was small enough to have it feel personal, but large enough that I could hang back for a few pictures without anyone noticing I was missing.  And our guide, a fellow American named Preston, was funny and interesting.

The weather this weekend has been dreary, with temperatures hovering right around freezing and intermittent rain/sleet/snow.  The guys did not last long in these conditions, but I was enjoying the tour too much to leave.  We ended up walking around for about 6.5 hours, and saw just about every main point of interest in the city.

colorful cars inside the Berlin Museum

Supreme Parish & Collegiate Church - the fanciest Lutheran church in all of the lands.

the Neue Wache Memorial

After the tour, I headed back to the hotel to repose for a bit.  Reposing turned into napping, and soon it was time for our 2100 dinner reservations.

We enjoyed an interesting meal together, and by 2345, we were headed back to our hotels after abandoning plans of going out in favor of sleep.

Our cousin had an early flight, so The Husband and I spent Sunday morning and afternoon wandering around the city.  We hit Berlin’s version of souk el Hdd where we even had some mint tea and I met a French-Moroccan man selling tagines, and later hunted down the perfect brunch place.  We rounded out our pre-train afternoon by speeding walking through the Tiergarten.

Walking through the Sunday morning flea market.

Mein Frühstück: Bio-Spiegeleier mit Toast und Salat.

Berlin's Victory Column

We were back home in Warsaw by 2100, and best of all, I didn’t have to set foot on a plane.  I definitely enjoyed the weekend, and I’d like to go back to Berlin.

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