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the language of dreams

7 January, 2012

graffiti on the streets of Warsaw



For as long as I can remember, I have been blessed with vivid, frequently occurring dreams.  I almost always wake up with a dream fresh in my memory, and quite often, I will tell/email individuals who have been appearing in my dreams just to let them know I’ve been thinking about them, in a way.

Although not all of my dreams feature language, the great majority that do have verbal communication occur in English, my native language.  I can also recall a number of dreams that either included Spanish, or where everything was in Spanish.  And while I was living in Morocco, I definitely had at least a few dreams featuring the use of Moroccan Arabic.

To date, I have had no dreams (that I remember, anyway) including the use of the Polish language.  And while I’m typically not one to sit and analyze my dreams, I do have to wonder if this is because learning Polish is so difficult.

What about you?  What languages do you dream in?

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