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waiting with any judgment until the snow falls

2 January, 2012

Earlier this evening, I received an email from a student, passing on his assignment and inquiring as to whether or not I still like Poland.  He also added a line that I should refrain from fully forming my opinion about my latest adopted homeland until after the snows have fallen.

A number of people have cautioned us about the severity of the winters here, and yet, a full eleven days into the official winter, I’m not completely understanding why.

Back in November, the fact that the sun was setting at 1530 bothered me a little, but I got used to it.  I rarely see the sun shining at all, but that is not too terribly different from winters in Chicago.  So far, the weather here has seemed more mild than that of the winters I have experienced back home.

Regularly, The Husband and I will be walking somewhere outside, and one of us will remark about how nice the day is or comment on the lack of wind.

I like lots of things about Poland, but I’ll save those for another post.  And I guess I’ll hold off on forming any real judgments until we get our first real snow.

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