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getting around in Bangladesh

19 December, 2011

While in Bangladesh for the week visiting family for a wedding, The Husband and I have traveled by plane, by car, by foot, by ferry and, of course, by rickshaw.

We spent the bulk of our time in the capital city of Dhaka, and much of our time there was spent sitting in traffic.  Dhaka’s traffic is the absolute worst I have ever seen; I don’t know how people there deal with it on a daily basis.  To travel about 5 miles, it would take us an hour at least.  And the entire time, the drivers are honking their horns to tell you to go, to remind you they are there, or to communicate that they want to pass you.

Horrendous traffic aside, I enjoyed the act of getting around in Bangladesh.  Driving here is chaotic because no one seems to obey traffic rules, and the lanes on the road seem to be mere suggestions rather than anything drivers stay within.  Amazingly enough, I only saw two accidents during our eight days here, and each accident was no more than a bump, and involved only rickshaws (no motorized vehicles).

flying into Dhaka

sitting in traffic, in a car


on the ferry

variety of vehicles on the road

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