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In the last ten years, I have moved fifteen times.

13 September, 2011

I don’t particularly enjoy moving, but its something that I seem to do often enough.  And I’ll be doing it again in a little over three weeks.

Where are we headed this time?  Warsaw, Poland.

We’re all quite excited!

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  1. The Mother permalink
    13 September, 2011 12:50

    Even I am excited which is a change for me. I guess after fifteen times, I am now used to it. And I am at a time in my life, I can go visit. The Christmas holiday will be spent in Poland with Tracy, Syed and the los gatos.

  2. The Friend permalink
    14 September, 2011 18:04

    I shudder to count how many times I’ve moved over the past ten years. But how exciting! I hope you have a wonderful time! Clearly, you should move back to Chicago–or wherever I end up–soon!

    • 17 September, 2011 04:09

      I’ll be back some day 🙂

      And I’m curious too – how many times have *you* moved in the last ten years?

  3. The Friend permalink
    18 September, 2011 19:01

    Well that’s good news, if I remain in this arctic wasteland.

    You know how God reportedly budges constantly across the face of the earth? My number of moves rivals his, as does the mysteriousness of my ways.

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