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onesies & twosies

1 July, 2011

The first time I got sick here, I was happy to find Halls cough drops at my hanout downstairs.  I told my mul d’hanout that I wanted the Halls, and he asked me how many.  There are ten or so to a roll, and I figured that would be enough, so I asked for wahed, or one.

He proceeded to grab a roll, take one individually wrapped cough drop from the package, and set it on the counter in front of me.


No, that’s not enough.

I was confused because the idea of buying just one item from a closed package containing multiples of the same item seemed beyond the realm of possibilities, at least to me.

That day, back in October, was when I was introduced to one of my favorite things about Morocco – onesies, and no, I’m not talking about baby garments.

Some other things that, in the US, are often sold as part of a larger unit can be sold as a onesie in Morocco: cigarettes, pens, envelopes, eggs, yogurts and pieces of a larger chocolate bar.

Twosies are something that I have yet to participate in, given the fact that I’m incredibly clumsy and not too keen on hospitals.

Its incredibly common to see more than one person riding the same bicycle or motorbike.  At times, I have seen as many as four individuals on one bike, but that is less common and almost always involves children.  I’m in awe of their ability to balance well enough so that no one gets hurt.

Two of my Fulbright brothers recently attempted to ride twosies and ended up having to take the bike in for repairs.  They did not get in an accident, they just contained too much awesomeness to be on one bike together.

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  1. The Husband permalink
    1 July, 2011 00:17

    I have heard, from the source, of the American and the Moroccan riding twosies…pure and utter awesomeness, in fact. And a completely, in the style of a semi-circle, bent wheel.

  2. Baiba permalink
    1 July, 2011 19:49

    I do love how you can buy just one cigarette or one plastic razor etc…but, chocolate bars? I can’t imagine sharing! Um, unless it’s Maruja or whatever that awful stuff is that poses as candy.

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