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thieves of oil and other creepy crawlies

16 June, 2011

As the temperature continues to rise, the seraq zit (Moroccan Arabic for “oil thief” or cockroach) and other creepy crawlies are coming out in full force.

One day, while in the bathroom drying off from a shower, I heard something rustling in my garbage can.  My glasses were off, but blind as I was, I could see the large cockroach hanging out in my waste basket.

Cockroaches and other insects are a part of life here, a part that I’m not real big on.  We are lucky that in our new/current apartment, we were able to live for about seven months without more than a housefly here or there.

Some folks use insecticides to keep invading forces down, but I refuse to put out poison somewhere where our cats could come into contact with it.  Outside the souk, vendors will set up stands selling nothing but various poisons for pests.

We have screens on our windows, but somehow, the sand flies keep getting in.  I fear that my body will bear permanent scars from all of my bites that I cannot stop scratching.  The Husband is looking pretty bad too – we are both covered in bites too numerous to count.

The least offensive of our invaders are the houseflies.  So numerous are they outside, that when a door is opened, one or two are bound to fly in.

We humans may not be fans of our growing group of insects, but our cats seem to enjoy their presence.  Both Mook & Ninja are becoming adept at catching and killing insects..  so much so that we’ve given up on trying to stop them from eating the bugs that they catch.

Thankfully, we have yet to see a scorpion.  I was told that because our house is newer and not made out of mud, we should not have problems with scorpions.  A number of my friends here have already reported sightings in their houses though, and regardless of construction type, this worries me.  All part of the experience, right?

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