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this one time, in El Jadida, I hugged my taxi driver.

31 May, 2011

Ordinarily, I avoid all physical contact with males in public.  In my former life, I was okay with casual contact like shaking hands or a pat on the back, but after having lived in Errachidia for the last nine or so months, I try to avoid it whenever possible for a few different reasons.  This post, however, is not about that.

This post is about last Sunday, when I ended up hugging the taxi driver who drove me and some ETA sisters from Oualidia to El Jadida.

After having a love-filled end-of-service conference, I was headed back to Errachidia.  The others dropped me off at the train station, and as we were saying our goodbyes, each ETA took turns giving me a hug.  Because I always cry when we part ways, my tears were flowing.

Somehow, both our taxi driver and I got caught up in the moment and found ourselves briefly in the arms of one another.

Awkward?  Not really.

Creepy?  Not at all.

Funny?  Most definitely.

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  1. The Mother permalink
    8 June, 2011 03:14

    Oh Sissy, you and your tears…

    How cute!

  2. The Elitist permalink
    8 June, 2011 17:07

    Really, Tracy, the hired help? Well I never! I guess this means you made some good friends.

  3. 14 October, 2011 12:52

    Nice post. appreciable. thanks for sharing.

    • The Friend permalink
      16 October, 2011 00:41

      I like the word ‘appreciable’. It brings to mind “able to be appreciated” and “growing in value over time”, as all good stories are and do.

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