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an afternoon in El Jadida

27 May, 2011

While en route to Beach Weekend in Oualidia, the Fulbright ETAs met up in El Jadida.

One of our sisters is posted there, and she was kind enough to invite us to lunch at Dar Harte where she served some seriously amazing pizza and salad.  Being Friday, my initial lunch thoughts went to couscous, but I’m definitely glad we were able to visit and dine at home instead.

After lunch, we went for a walk to see her neighborhood and stopped to get gelato from a local cafe that she frequents.  We got our fix for cold treats and wifi, and then headed to the beach to meet up with the rest of our ETA family.

Seeing where so many of my program-mates live and work has been a wonderful, even if at times I get jealous.  I’ve learned to appreciate my post in the desert, but seeing that Dar Harte is a mere three blocks from the beach makes my site pale in comparison.

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  1. The Mother permalink
    10 September, 2011 05:01

    And let me add, “a beach with camels” what more could one want?

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