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Danger in the desert!

30 April, 2011

Danger and I have been friends for the last fifteen years or so.

I am super excited that she is able to come out to al-Maghreb and visit me.

For her birthday, we took an overnight trip to the Erg Chebbi dunes just outside of Merzouga.  My PCV friend, Allison, also came, and the three of us had a really good time.

For 400 dirhams a person, or about $50 USD, we were met in Erfoud by our guide and driven in a comfy SUV out to the edge of the dunes.  The price also includes the desert guide, the camel ride, the tent we slept in and the tagine dinner our guide made for us.  I am pretty sure the price also included showers the following morning back at the auberge, as well as a traditional Moroccan breakfast.  We had to skip those last two bits, unfortunately.

After driving in the SUV for about 45 minutes, we stopped at an auberge at the edge of the dunes where we met our desert guide and our camels.

We then rode our camels for close to three hours into the desert.  The weather was perfect – a few clouds in the sky, and about 75 degrees F/23.5 degrees C.

The scenery along the way was beautiful.

Our camp was quiet, and oddly enough, surrounded by barbed wire.  This was my first time sleeping in this style of tent; last September, I opted to sleep out under the stars.

We three had fun climbing around on the dunes, and by the time dinner was ready, we were all quite hungry and tired from all the running around.

Besides guides, there were 6-7 other people staying in camp, and even though the majority of them were not from Morocco, they also spoke Darija, which was surprising and awesome.

The night was cold, but the three of us shared a mattress, and my sleeping bag does a great job of keeping me warm.  I was the last to wake up.. about 30 minutes before the sun would rise.

It was too light to take care of my bathroom business, so I instead took more pictures.

At sun rise, we mounted up and headed back to the auberge.

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  1. The Mother permalink
    24 May, 2011 03:35

    So you never took care of your “bathroom business”?

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