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magic tissues

27 April, 2011

Even though I don’t own a car, I buy boxes of facial tissue. And with allergy season upon us, I’ve been going through about two or three boxes a month.

Throughout my time here, I have tried a few different brands.  It depends wholly on what my mul d’hanoot downstairs happens to have in stock.  Of the various brands I have tried, I have come to really love Moon brand facial tissues.

Why would I prefer one brand over another?

Because some contains a certain kind of magic!


First, the tissue is white.

Then the tissue is colored!

The color of the tissue corresponds to the color of the box it comes in, and the colored/non-colored tissues are layered within the box.

How cool is that?

Mumkin its not magic, but I think it is really rather zwin.  Fancy!

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  1. The Mother permalink
    1 June, 2011 04:39

    All I can say about “The Magic Tissues” is, “Heaven help you for the culture shock when you return home to your mainland!”

  2. The Friend permalink
    8 June, 2011 17:01

    This is true. I’ve never had culture shock traveling abroad, only upon returning home. The worst thing: our tissues only come in one color: white.

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