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the adjective game

26 April, 2011

One evening last year, at a dinner gathering at the house of my site mate here in Errachidia, the adjective game was born.

Maybe you have heard of Apples to Apples?   It’s a fun game where players match cards with pre-printed adjectives to cards with pre-printed nouns according to the tastes of the round’s judge.  For example, one might pair the adjective “colorful” with a noun phrase like “hot air balloon” and if the round’s judge is feeling it, the person who created that combination gets a point.

Well, the adjective game is kind of like that.. only we write our own words/phrases/pictures on strips of paper.  Given that we are creating the material, the game has the potential to become very personal, often raunchy, and always hilarious.  It’s a great way to get to know one another, and has resulted in a number of inside jokes.

Many evenings together end in us playing the adjective game, and I look forward to our next round.

Just let’s not play the 68 card, okay?

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