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This one time, in Rabat, I almost fell out of a moving taxi.

18 April, 2011

Okay, so maybe that’s a little misleading.

Back in September, when I was still living in Rabat, two of my ETA friends and I were in a petite taxi.  I was in the front passenger seat, and because I had not yet learned that we are not supposed to wear seatbelts while traveling by taxi, I was wearing my seatbelt.

I cannot remember where we were heading, but we had to make our way through a roundabout and were traveling at a pretty high rate of speed.  Roundabouts don’t faze me anymore because they are used all over the place here in Morocco.  When I was still FOB-y, however, I was always a little in awe of them.

Anyway, we were driving along, going through this roundabout and – oh!  My door flew open!

There may have been a startled noise or two from the back seat, and I quickly leaned over and pulled my door shut. No big deal – I don’t think the driver even batted an eye.  It’s a pretty common occurrence here to have doors that need a little help shutting properly.

I think about this particular cab ride often, usually when I’m double checking a taxi’s door, and every time I do, I cannot help but laugh about the situation.

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  1. The Mother permalink
    18 April, 2011 02:18

    Please tell me what FOB-y means. Thank you!

  2. The Friend permalink
    18 April, 2011 03:33

    Fresh Off the Boat/Boeing. But please do not fall out of any cabs at high speeds, thanks!

  3. The Friend permalink
    18 April, 2011 03:37

    Question: How can my comment keep its radical edge if it is “awaiting moderation”?

  4. natalie03 permalink
    18 April, 2011 17:02

    It’s true! I was in the back seat and saw it all happen! I almost had a heart attack, but the lady in question remained as calm and poised as per her usual. PS. I love that you waited to share until our 8th month to share this story with your fam 🙂

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