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another strike?

7 April, 2011

Yes, but this time, its back in Chicago.

I have lost track of all of the strikes that have occurred since I have been in Morocco.  My students have gone on strike, faculty at the university have gone on strike, and even the taxis drivers in Errachidia have gone on strike.

Now though, its folks at my university back home who have gone on strike.  I don’t know the specifics of it, only the little that I read in an email sent out to students regarding this strike saying that it will not impact graduation next month, etc.

Whatever the reasons, I can’t help but be a little amused that I’ve got another strike in my life, even if it is thousands of miles away.  And at least this strike is not affecting my ability to get around or do my job.

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  1. The Mother permalink
    8 April, 2011 02:06

    Not quite a strike, but have you heard about our Federal Government possibly closing down? Stop for a moment and think about that. My question is: Since you are employed by the US Federal government, if they shut down does that mean you get to come back home sooner?

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