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what time is it?

5 April, 2011

What time is it?

Ma3rftch.  This means that I do not know.

Public places generally do not have clocks.  In fact, my own house does not have a clock.  On the rare occasion that I do see a clock, it is often frozen in time, stuck whenever and wherever it was when its batteries ran out.

On buses and sometimes in cars, there will be a clock.  If it is working, it is rarely set to the right time.

Because I almost always carry my cell phone (which also keeps time!), I am able to smile at the lack of accurate, or any, time displays around me.  And because I know approximately when the calls to prayer sound each day, I usually have a good idea as to what time it is without having to check a time-keeping device.

A few days ago, I ran into a friend on the street, and while chatting, he mentioned that it had been decided that effective that day, Morocco would be heading an hour into the future.  He told me that for approximately the next three months, Morocco will be joining other parts of the world in observing Daylight Savings time.  He also mentioned that some people would comply with this, and others would not, so we will be continually dancing between two different time zones until our contracts end in July.  When I got home, I quickly googled this Moroccan time change and found nothing, and thought that maybe my friend was trying to play a late April Fools trick on me.

This morning, I woke up to find a text message from a friend who had missed her train.  She arrived at the station at least 15 minutes before her train was scheduled to depart, but was told that her train was long gone.

Apparently, the time change is real, and I’m now one hour into the future.  This means that for folks back home, I’m now once again six hours ahead of you.  I’ll be sure to go all change the clocks around the house as soon as I post this..

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  1. Emily permalink
    5 April, 2011 16:27

    That’s… all sorts of trippy and unsettling. I’m mildly uncomfortable any time I can’t check a clock.

    So is your internal clock getting more accurate? Or do you rely more heavily on your cell phone?

  2. 5 April, 2011 16:37

    With few exceptions, time just is not really important here.

    I get to class on time-ish.. if class starts at 1400, it really begins around 1415 and I’ll still have students trickling in after that.

    When I take a bus, train, or plane somewhere, I try to be on time-ish, even though I know the transport will likely be a little late. Sometimes though, its a little early, and may just leave without you if you’re not milling around the bus/train/plane station.

    Time is just different here. Its rare to see someone in a hurry.. people seem to have plenty of time to just hang out, chat with friends they meet in the street, or sit in the cafe for hours at a time.

    I’ve always liked to test out my internal clock for accurateness, but I find myself doing this here all the time, just for grins. I also do rely on my cell phone – which did not automatically update when the time changed here – to make sure I get where I am going on time if I am traveling.

  3. 5 April, 2011 20:33

    We soooo do not like it, especially with the majority not abiding by the new timing. It’s crazy whenever you set a rendez-vous with someone or ask them what time is it, they go: Old or New time? And you have to do all the counting and explaining and complaining all over again. But we understand the reasons so it’s ok 😀 !!

  4. The Mother permalink
    6 April, 2011 01:53

    Settle on the half way mark, this way one will not be an hour behind or an hour ahead. Smack in the middle, thirty minutes. One could think of this as being “on time” neither late or early. 🙂


  1. old time & new time | mała koza

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