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no bucket boys here..

3 April, 2011

In Chicago, the Bucket Boys draw crowds (and sometimes noise complaints) by using buckets as musical instruments.

In Errachidia, and all over Morocco, buckets tend to fall into the feminine domain.  We use them to keep things clean, rather than to entertain groups of onlookers.  I’ve found that having an array of buckets makes household chores, and even personal care much easier.

I use my buckets on a daily basis:

They allow me to carry hot water into the kitchen to wash dishes.

They help to make washing the floor easier.

They enable me to lug hot water up to my roof to do my laundry, and to have another separate bucket of cold water for rinsing my clothes.

They give me something to store water in at Hammam or when I want to soak my feet in hot water at home.  In my old apartment, where I first had no running water and then had to heat cold water in a kettle and pour it into a bucket to clean myself, they made bathing at home possible.

And apparently, they are fun things for cats to play in.

I’ve never had the skills of Chicago’s Bucket Boys, but living in Morocco for the last seven months has taught me a number of valuable tricks I can do with my buckets.

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  1. Baiba permalink
    3 April, 2011 12:51

    I really enjoyed this post and the pictures that accompanied it. However, I am concerned that you don’t have hot water in your kitchen. What gives? I admire you for being able to utilize your buckets and live the way you do on a daily basis. You go!

  2. 5 April, 2011 16:51

    I think that in our neck of the woods, its common to have hot water only in your shower (that’s our set-up in our house) or to have no hot water at home at all (unless you boil a kettle of water, etc.).

    Lugging buckets of water all over the place is good exercise!

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