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Dzien dobry, indeed.

2 March, 2011

Last time I was in Essaouira, I could only stay for eight hours.  In that short time, however, I saw enough to know that I wanted to come back.

Because its beautiful, on the Atlantic, and is tourist-friendly, I knew too that I wanted to bring my mom there if and when she visited.  Thankfully, she was able to come to Morocco, and we got to spend two nights exploring Essaouira together.

We stayed right across the street from the beach, and spent some time there both days, taking pictures and playing in the sand.  We also wandered the medina, ate in a really good restaurant known for its pasta dishes, and happened upon some adorable kittens and ended up feeding them.  We spent lots of time reposing and catching up, too, although not at the pool-side as we originally intended.

And like everywhere else in Morocco (and other parts of the world) that sees a lot of tourists, the shop keepers were calling out to us when we would walk through the medina.

Walking around and having the shop keepers guess at what language(s) you speak always amuses me.  In ‘Kech for NYE, The Husband, our friend and I staggered our walk, and the three of us got called out to in different languages, due to the differences in our appearance.  My mom & I look a lot more alike, so we were getting hollered at in the same languages.

We were strolling in the medina one afternoon when a worker in a t-shirt stall called out to us:

Bon jour?  No.

Hello!  No.. but only because I’m pretending I don’t hear you.

Guten tag?  Nope.

Dzien dobry! Ŝnu!? Polski?

This was the first time I had heard Polish used in Morocco, and definitely the first time in Morocco that I have had it used in speaking to me.

And it caught me off guard.  So much so that I lost my composure, stopped walking, and started talking with the shop keeper.  He and I ended up talking about languages for a good five minutes.  According to the shop keeper, he sees a good number of Polish tourists every year.

I’m happy we had our brief encounter, and we all left with smiles on our faces.

Good day, indeed.

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