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a trip to Meski

24 February, 2011
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Whenever someone comes to visit in Errachidia, I like to take them to Meski.

Meski is a small village about 10k out of town, and will cost you 7 dirham in grand taxi fare.

The village itself is not the main attraction, although there is a hanout near the main road where you can grab a bottle of water and have a sandwich made to take with you as a picnic lunch in the palmerie.

A campsite, swimming pool and café were built alongside the Source Bleue, or natural spring.  The area is shaded and is a good 10-15 degrees cooler than the surface temperature.  This area is a nice place to repose for a bit, or even take a swim if you are daring enough.  I’ve dipped my feet in the pool but that is where I draw the line for more or less undressing in a public area.  I have heard though that some people will come very early (hello, sunrise!) to go for a swim before an audience of on-lookers has formed.

the Source Bleue

the pool area.. and the pool has fish in it!

For me, the real draw of a trip to Meski is walking through the palmerie.  Some also refer to it as “the forest” and it is a large expanse of land that is bordered on one side by the spring and on the other side by the Oued Ziz (Ziz River).  The area is always green, has many palm trees, and also has plots of land that individuals grow various things on.  I’ve never had a visit without encountering people working their land, doing laundry in the spring, or walking around and enjoying the beauty of the area.  That being said, once you get away from the pool and café area, its still relatively deserted and you can enjoy a quiet afternoon without the company of folks outside your group.

some Couch Surfing friends getting to know a local donkey

crossing the "bridge" - a felled palm tree

When you get to the Oued Ziz, you can cross it on a felled palm tree bridge and continue on to explore the old Ksar that is across the river.  The Ksar, or castle-like structure is a couple hundred years old.  It used to house a number of families, as well as a mosque, and other necessities of life, and is built on a cliff overlooking the river.

approaching the Ksar

reposing by the Ksar, overlooking the palmerie

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  1. The Mother permalink
    25 March, 2011 02:22

    Oh Sissy, I guess I should return so you can take me here. I wish we would have had time to visit Meski. Not sure I would have been able to walk the palm tree across the river though…

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