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a trip to the zoo

19 February, 2011

A few weeks ago, one of our neighbor’s sons mentioned that there is a zoo in Errachidia.  We later confirmed this via the Google maps.

Needing a destination for our afternoon walk, The Husband and I decided to go check out Errachidia’s zoo.  I was definitely not expecting Brookfield Zoo, but for whatever reason, I thought it would be more zoo and less park.  Regardless, it gave us something to do for the afternoon.

The zoo featured a bunch of walking trails, some playground equipment for children, benches to repose on, an amphitheater, what looked like a basketball court minus posts with backboards/nets, and a handful of animals.  Species present included: pigeon, turkey, chicken, peacock, swan, monkey and horse.  Surprisingly, we saw no cats in or around the zoo.

Errachidia's peacocks

an Errachidian horse

The Husband, waiting for the dancing elephants to take the stage..

There was also what looked like a coal mine with a cart on tracks going into it.

Admission for the two of us (total) was three dirham, or about $0.375 US, and going walking to the zoo, around the zoo and back from the zoo took us about two hours.

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