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home for the holidays

17 February, 2011

Yesterday was l’Eid d’Milad un Nabi, or the Prophet’s birthday, and it is a holiday here in Morocco.  Yesterday, today and tomorrow, my university will be closed.  Actually, just about everything is town has been closed.

We spend a good deal of time at home anyway, but when holidays occur, we tend to spend even more time at home.

I really enjoy the fact that holidays and time with family are valued enough to close up shop so everyone can celebrate as they see fit.  Even if I don’t celebrate the holiday, I think people should be able to celebrate it with their families, and this holds true for life here as well as life in the States.  I feel like every year, another business decides to remain open on Christmas or Thanksgiving, in case someone really needs to go buy a new TV, or go clothes shopping, or whatever other non-urgent task they are completing, and it irks me.  Hospitals and pharmacies? Yes.  General retail? Not so much.

Yesterday, we planned to take a grande taxi to a friend’s village so we could see where she lived, but when we went to the taxi station, it was a ghost town.  We somehow underestimated the effect the holiday would have on transportation options.  We had to reschedule our visit, and I instead spent the day on my roof, in a tank top and shorts, listening to music, sketching and doing laundry.

Today, we did not think that everything would still be closed.  It was, however, so we walked around the empty streets for a bit, and went home to read, watch movies and for The Husband, to carry on with his usual home-based work.

I’m curious to see if tomorrow everything will still be closed.  Two of my classes had an exam scheduled for tomorrow morning, but were informed that we should reschedule because the university will be closed.  I’m banking on another day spent at home.


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