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Valentine’s Day in Errachidia

14 February, 2011

As my students told me, they do not celebrate Valentine’s Day.

They also seemed to think that Americans all celebrate it, and that it is almost as big of a deal as Christmas or Thanksgiving.

And who knows, maybe to some it is?

The Husband and I do not celebrate it, but thought we would make an exception this year. Why?  Because celebrating Valentine’s Day was an excuse to get together with our friends here, have a big dinner, and spend the evening playing games together.

Dinner was delicious and consisted of: vegetarian chili, homemade pizzas, veggie salad, fruit salad, homemade chocolates, and two kinds of cake.  It was mumtastic.

We followed dinner with a few hours’ worth of “the adjective game” and it was as raucous as ever.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that the pizzas were heart-shaped?

❤ pizzas ❤

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  1. Shannon permalink
    17 February, 2011 20:35

    1- adorable. 2- homemade chocolates? more info please!

    • 17 February, 2011 20:45

      Hmm, I meant homemade chocolate treats.

      One of the JICA (think Japanese Peace Corps) volunteers melted good chocolate and dipped some sort of cereal into it to make little, yummy treats.

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